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What is USA Track & Field certification?

USATF certification ensures accurately measured distances. For any road running performance to be accepted as a record or be nationally ranked, it must be run on a USATF-certified course.

What is an RRCA State Championship race?

The RRCA awards championship events at the National, Regional, and State level to RRCA member clubs and events to promote the sport of distance running. The Championship Event Series shines a spotlight on well-run events and awards top performing runners.

Can I run two races?

If participants would like to run the 2-mile fun run after completing the 4 or 10-mile races they must be registered in both events. For liability and insurance purposes, every participant on the course is required to be registered and have a race bib.

Can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up online until midnight Friday before the event. Mailed applications must be received by Friday before the event. You can sign up in person in Ferndale at the event.

Will weather be an issue?

The weather in March ranges from sunny and warm to overcast and rainy. Regardless of conditions the race will not be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Where is parking available?

There is parking on most residential streets off of Main St. as well as parking at Fireman's park at 100 Berding St, only a few blocks away from the starting line.

How can I receive my t-shirt and/or award?

T-shirts are available at packet pickup. If you miss picking up your shirt or award at the event, contact the race director.

Do the proceeds from this event benefit a charity?

No, SRRC Foggy Bottom Milk Run does not benefit a specific charity, but the proceeds do go support local high school athletic programs and other local community volunteer groups.

Do I have to sign up to run with my child?

Yes, for insurance and liability purposes every participant running or walking the course must sign up and have a race bib to be on the course and participate in the events.

Who is eligible to sign up with the school age discount?

Only children age 14 and under are eligible to sign up with the youth group or school discount. The discount only applies to children signing up for the 2-mile fun run. Coaches and parents must sign up as adults if they wish to participate.

Does my child need a school team for the school discount?

No, your child does not need to be on a school or youth group team to get the discount, all you need to do is provide the name of the school or youth group that they belong to.

Can my child still join a team after 2/16?

Yes, your child can sign up to run with a school or youth group team up until Friday, March 6th, 2020. After that they still qualify for the special price for kids entry fee, but will not be part of the team scoring.


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You can sign up through race day. Pre-registration ends 2/16.